The Greens

In the  western suburbs of Brisbane nestled on 10 acres of  residential rural bush-land backing onto state forest is the Green House.

To protect against the exposure  of the rural setting and the prevailing winter weather, the house is divided into 3 wings surrounding a central pool and lawned courtyard.


The Greystone is a MCM inspired home situated in the leafy suburb of Chapel Hill in the western suburbs of Brisbane.

The home is designed for a modern growing family of 7.

We have configured the home around a courtyard opening to the North.

The family’s future needs are encapsulated in the planning and manipulation of the spacial arrangement.

Range House

The Range house is set on a sloping lot overlooking a golf driving range.

The house is compact yet flexible in its layout with volume and glazing expanding the perceived scale and size.

The Sweet Shop

A story of 2 buildings connected and renovated into a delightful home set in the county.


Bayside sits overlooking the edges of Moreton Bay.

The house is oriented to take advantage of the slight grade over the site and the requirement for an accessible design to provide an elevated position